Girl tried to cure with help of a sun of a tan and fell ill with skin cancer

A resident of Scotland tried to cure skin disease with a tan and ran into oncology. The corresponding material publishes Daily Star.

24-year-old Daniella Bolton (Daniella Bolton) told in an interview with the publication that a long time fought with eczema using cream and ointment, but did not achieve the desired result. “Any medicines helped me for a short period of time, then eczema returned. She bothered and strained me,” she spoke.

For this reason, the girl decided to try an alternative method of treatment and began to regularly sunbathe in the sun from 18 years. “I read on the Internet that ultraviolet rays help get rid of eczema, but did not know that they could provoke cancer,” the Scotland explained and added that in two years she accidentally discovered a new mole on his back during shopping.

The heroine of the material went to the doctor, since the mole on her body began to grow. Ultimately, doctors held Bolton biopsy and determined that malignant education appeared on her body, and melanoma developed – one of the varieties of skin cancer.

“I was afraid that I would die, because I never heard that young people have oncology,” the girl admitted. According to the material, she conducted a successful operation to remove education, thereby stopping the spread of the disease. Bolton called on girls to abandon the sun under the sun, giving preference to artificial.

In July 2020, Surgeon-Oncologist Konstantin Titov explained the risk of tanning to the Russians. According to him, after being in the sun, the skin passes through the stage of thermal burn, which leads to the loss of its elasticity, premature aging, pigment spots and dryness.

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