Reveal beneficial properties of coffee in fight against cancer

Coffee can alleviate the symptoms in patients with cancer, said the chief oncologist “SM-Clinic” Alexander Seryakov, writing “Izvestia”.

According to the doctor, it is only about natural coffee containing caffeine. Medic remembered the recent scientific discovery of the National Institute of Oncology in the United States, during which coffee benefits were revealed for attention, memory, improving performance, as well as extension of life. “Coffee improves the tone, an emotional mood of a person, preventing the development of some diseases, including fighting against cancer,” revealed the beneficial properties of Sryakov drink.

Scientists have studied data 450 thousand patients from 50 to 71 years. At the time of collecting information, they were not sick with cancer, and for the state, scientists followed ten years. During this period, about three thousand people fell ill with melanoma. Having studied the results of the surveys, the specialists came to the conclusion that the larger the person drank coffee, the lower he recorded the risk of melanoma. Four and more drinking beverage cups per day by 20 percent reduce the risk of developing this disease.

Previously, British scientists found out that coffee reduces the risk of chronic liver diseases. Drinking any variety risked to acquire chronic liver disease or liver fatty 20 percent less.

/Media reports.