Daughter Shoigu revealed details about his weight loss after delivery

Daughter of the Minister of Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigi Ksenia revealed details about his weight loss after childbirth. The corresponding information appeared in its Instagram -store.

So, a 30-year-old relative of the head of the Ministry of Defense captured himself in the gym in full growth from different angles. On it – a white T-shirt, black bicycle shorts and pink Nike sneakers. In the signature to the publication, she signed their menu for the day.

It turned out that two boiled eggs were ate for breakfast, two cucumbers and an oil sandwich on whole grain bread. Her lunch consisted of two apples and a pair of cheesery, and dinner – from probiotic yogurt without additives. At the last meal, planned at 20:00, she limited herself with chicken broth with greens. It is known that thanks to the sport and a diet, which she sticks, Shoigu got rid of half the weight gained during pregnancy in just ten days.

Ksenia Shoigu and Sports blogger Alexey Slatarov for the first time became parents in September. The wife of the daughter of the Russian Defense Minister has published a photo from the maternity hospital and told that they have a girl. Later Shoigu reported that the daughter called Milan.

/Media reports.