Mexican drug soldiers invaded US

Border Control Service in the United States detained a group of 14 Mexican servicemen who accidentally invade the country’s territory, reports Mercury News. The soldiers mistakenly crossed the border in the morning of September 25 near the bridge connecting Mexican Ciudad Juarez and American El Paso.

It turned out that the servicemen went in two military cars with an incorrect route and did not realize that they left the territory of their country. They were detained for several hours, after which they returned back to Mexico, when officers of the Mexican army arrived behind them.

In addition, the customs officers have discovered a small amount of marijuana for “personal use” from one of the detainees. It is reported that a soldier who had drugs found, suffered punishment.

previously became known that in the US Presidential Administration, Joe Bayiden decided to resume the construction of protective structures on the border with Mexico. It is not about the continuation of the construction of the wall and its expansion, stopped in February, but about repairing dams to protect against flooding, but it will include protective barriers.

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