Asian NATO countries to cooperate in space, cybersecurity and 5G

Countries of the four-sided security dialogue (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, Quad), which is often called Asian NATO, agreed on cooperation in the space region, in the spheres of cybersecurity and development of 5G. This is stated in a joint statement.

So, the United States, Japan, Australia and India will exchange satellite data-oriented and adaptation of climate change, as well as to prevent natural disasters. In addition, they will launch a group of cybersecurity and partnership in infrastructure, including with the European Union.

Also, it is known that in 2022, the members of the Quad can conduct exercises to combat the coronavirus pandemic. “We strive for general global goals to help vaccinate the world, save lives now, including through the strengthening of global health financing of health care and political leadership,” the document says.

The first personal meeting of QUAD member states took place on September 24 in Washington. Countries discussed the problems of combating coronavirus and vaccination, climate change, new technologies, space, clean energy, humanitarian exchanges. The four-sided dialogue itself appeared in 2007, its goal was to ensure security in the Asia-Pacific region.

/Media reports.