Rogozin rated launch of Russia’s competitor Starlink and OneWeb

The launch of the first satellite of the Scyth system will allow Russia to consolidate the orbital position. Thus, the general director of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin in Twitter Rates The importance of launching the Scythian spacecraft.

“The first launch of the” Skiff “we will force the necessary orbital position, which will be required to deploy a full-fledged system,” said the head of the state corporation.

Previously, RIA Novosti, referring to the materials of the manufacturer – “information satellite systems”, reported that the manufacturer of the first Scythian system began in Russia, which, like its Starlink and OneWeb competitors, is designed for broadband Internet access .

The corresponding spacecraft was called “Skiff D”. The grouping “SKIF” will enter the multifunctional satellite system “Sphere”. The Scythian system itself will include 12 spacecraft located in an orbit 8070 kilometers high.

In August, Rogozin stated that the state corporation would receive the first funds for the creation of a scientific and technical nestling under the program “Sphere” in the coming days. “At first, we are talking about seven billion rubles, which must be implemented to create a scientific and technical nestling, that is, not the group, namely the prototypes of the group,” said the manager.

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