Afghan Mufti explained torture of clergy by militants “Taliban”

Afghan clergy is regularly subject to violence and torture from the Taliban (recognized by the terrorist organization and prohibited in Russia), because of the persecution, many imams are forced to hide. The Mufti Abdul Cader told about it in an interview with (the name was changed from security reasons).

According to Mufti, the militants detained even the chapter of all Imams of Afghanistan, however, after some time let him go on bail. “The main claim of the Taliban to the clergy – we did not support and did not help them all the time that they fought against the previous government. Now many imams are in the run,” the cader explained. He said that he himself hides: he lives with friends and relatives in one province, and his family is in another.

Mufti also expressed concerns for the fate of Islam in Afghanistan: with the arrival of the Taliban in the country can be activated and starting to fight with each other terrorist groups like Al-Qaida, Lashkar-I-Taiwa and “Islamic state” (all prohibited in Russia). “Islam will cease to be religion and will only become a toy in the hands of terrorists, a pretext for murder and war,” he said.

May 1 began the official conclusion of US troops and the North Atlantic Alliance countries from the Afghan territories. After that, the situation in the country was aggravated, the forces of the Taliban were activated. On August 15, the militants announced the establishment of control throughout Afghanistan. On the same day, President Ashraf Ghani resigned and left the country.

/Media reports.