Residents of Afghanistan told about life under authority of Taliban

a month after coming to the power of the Taliban (recognized by the terrorist organization and prohibited in Russia) the situation in Kabul resembles Lokdun, all residents of the city are sitting at home. A student and activist Taman told about it in an interview with

According to the girl, banks and shops and shops almost do not work in the capital, just some open a couple of hours and a few days. “Such a feeling that our life was put on a pause. It is impossible to get used to this, everything is in a state of shock,” she described the new mode.

Fearing arrests, young Afghans almost stopped coming to the mosque, told Mufti Abdul Cader. According to him, the Taliban has repeatedly detained people right during prayer. In addition, with a change of power, many have lost their jobs and cannot earn themselves on a piece of bread. Shocked by what is happening people turn to Imamam only with one request – to help them get out of Afghanistan.

Especially difficult to come from Panjshera, who had the resistance of the Taliban. Fearing the militant dissection, many people had to throw their homes and run to other cities. So it happened with the seam’s family. After several gearboxes and careful interrogations of the militants, they managed to get to Kabul, where they could not feel safe – after all, the Taliban wanted the immigrants from Panjscher. “Therefore, every night we spend in a new place – if they find us, they will not leave alive,” the young man shared.

previously became known that the Taliban will return the practice of mortal executions and cut off the limbs used in their first period of the Board.

May 1 began the official conclusion of US troops and the North Atlantic Alliance countries from the Afghan territories. After that, the situation in the country aggravated. On August 15, the militants “Taliban” announced the establishment of control over the entire territory of Afghanistan. On the same day, President Ashraf Ghani resigned and left the country.

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