Roscosmosa national team victory on DigitalSkills 2021 in team standings

In Kazan, III sectoral championship in the field of information technologies on the standards of WORLDSKILS DIGITALSKILLS 2021 was completed. The national team of the Roskosmos State Corporation was presented with 23 employees from 6 subsidiaries of Roskosmos State Corporation: NGOs automatics. ON. Semikhatova, Corporation “VNIIEM”, ISSI. Academician M.F. Reshetnyova, GKNPTS them. M.V. Chrunichev, NGOs them. S.A. Lavochka and RKK “Energy” them. S.P. Queen.

Participation in the DigitalSkills 2021 championship has become the stage of the training process and the team formation of participants who showed the best result in the newly completed corporate championship of professional skills “Young Roskosmos – 2021”.

Congratulations to winners and winners:

  • Secake Ekaterina, the competence “Internet marketing” – gold;
  • Temples Alexey, competence “Industrial robotics” – gold;
  • Grankina Olga, competence “Digital Metrology” – silver ;
  • Silayow Nikita, competence “Digital Metrology” – silver;
  • Kuznetsov Artem, competence “additive production” – silver;
  • Shurgin Alexander, competence “Engineering Space systems “- silver;
  • Kosenkova Anastasia, the competence of” engineering of space systems “- silver;
  • Sementsov Mikhail, the competence of” engineering of space systems “- silver;
  • Rohlov Pavel, competence “Graphic design” – Bronze;
  • Kravtsov Mikhail, competence “Corporate protection against internal threats of information security” – Bronze.

In total, 35 competencies were presented in the championship, in which 289 young professionals and students took part.

“For us Participation in DigitalSkills 2021 is, first of all, the opportunity in practice to once again work out professional standards and requirements. Understand at what kind of skill we are located, detect the boards of preparation, make work on errors. Everything to take a new one Height and perfectly perform at the WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2021 championship, to which we are preparing hard, “Dmitry Shishkin, Director of the Administrative Department of the State Corporation.

Sectoral Championship in the field of information technology on the standards of WORLDSKILS DIGITALSKILLS is carried out among students of secondary and higher education, employees of small, medium-sized business enterprises in order to solve the personnel support of the digital economy. The state corporation “Roskosmos” for the first time as part of the national team takes part in the sectoral championship.

The championship is carried out pursuant to claim 4 (a) of the list of orders of the President of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2016 No. PR-2582 and aimed at the implementation of the measures of the federal project “Personnel for the Digital Economics” of the National Program “Digital Economics of the Russian Federation”.

The organizers of the championship are the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization “Agency of Professional Skill Development (WORLDSKILS Russia)”.

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