Proton-PM supported initiative to open ecotropics in new lodes

Representatives of Proton-PM (included in the integrated structure of NGO Energomash State Corporation Roscosmos) took part in the opening of ecotropics in the microdistrict New Lyads. The head of the project “Technopolis New Star” “Sergey Tolkin, Chairman of the Union of Youth, Irina Kuchumova, Head of the Safety Department Olga Vasilyeva and Enterprise Activists Olga Vasilyeva and Enterprise Activists, were invited.

As noted by the head of the Perm urban forestry of Lyudmila Shabanova, Ecotreop will become an attraction point that will allow you to comfortably use the forest.

“A visit center will be erected here, in which the inhabitants of the microdistrict will be able to learn a lot about the local flora and fauna, and most importantly – to get acquainted with the rules of behavior in the forest,” says Lyudmila Shabanova.

The Association of Ecologists of the Perm Territory under the direction of Svetlana Kulakova attracted to the study of the forest massif team of scientists: Geobotanik Evgenia Gatina, the ornithologist Roman Kharyn, Zoo, Julia Mishlanov. The architect of Elizabeth Talavira, the architect of Elizabeth Talavir worked – the image of the fern was the logo of the trail. During the excursion, the guests learned about forest biodiversity. The close arrangement of residential buildings has an impact on local biocenosis: the beasts and birds are tightened to people in finding food, so the local population should be informed about the rules of animal feeding.

As part of the development of Technopolis “New Star” in the new Liadah Proton-PM supports public initiatives to create a comfortable urban environment. In the neighborhood it is planned to build modern homes for employees of the enterprise and their families, and the quality of life becomes one of the main arguments when making a decision to buy here.

Sergey Tolkin, head of the project “Technopolis” new star “” “:” News and events of new Lyadov we perceive, as our own: sincerely rejoice that residents of the neighborhood perform with ideas and find resources for their incarnation. We see the support of Perm scientists , local businessmen, authorities. Young protons want to continue the path to the country site. So we can organize an alternative wellness route to work, it will take no more than an hour. We plan to search for workers of volunteers that will follow the cleanliness on the route. “

Now the trail has the length of one and a half kilometer. It is planned to continue the path of the network, which will protect the soft cover of the Earth, to the Proton-PM country site. The route will be approximately 3.5 km and it will begin not far from the ski slopes of the local sports and health complex.

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