Pakistan urged to support new government of Afghanistan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, speaking at the 76th session of the General Assembly, called on the world community to support the new government of Afghanistan represented by the members of the Taliban’s radical movement (prohibited in Russia). His words lead RIA Novosti.

According to Khan, this will allow preventing the occurrence of a humanitarian crisis in the country.

“If we are negligrating Afghanistan, then, according to the UN, half of the population of Afghanistan is already in a vulnerable position, and by next year almost 90% of the country’s population will be beyond the poverty line. Ahead of us is awaiting a huge humanitarian crisis. And it will have Serious consequences are not only for Afghan neighbors, but also for the whole world, “explained Khan.

Politician believes that there is only one way out of the situation – this is the strengthening and stabilization of the current government “in the name of the people of Afghanistan.” He also called on the UN Countries for Mobilization, emphasizing that the country is now at the critical stage, because of which humanitarian aid must be rendered immediately.

previously it became known that on Monday, September 27, at the session of the UN General Assembly will still be appointed by the previous authorities of Afghanistan and recognized by the world community Gules of Iskhakzay, and not a representative of the terrorist movement “Taliban”. On September 22, a spokesman for the UN Secretary General Stefan Duzharrik said that the Taliban expressed a desire to perform during the high-level week of the General Assembly

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