Paris authorities burned out from drug addicts brick wall


Folee was laid with brick tunnel under the ring road in the north of the capital, so as not to give the drug addicts exported to the neighboring suburbs. This is reported by BFM TV channel.

Last Friday, September 24, the Paris police deported 130 drug addicts from the area of ​​Stalingrad Square and the Park Stard-d’Eal because of the complaints of the deterioration of the criminogenic situation over many months. The violators of public order were detained and taken to the annular road, where, according to the statements of the authorities, a “increased security zone” was organized, which should prevent the penetration of drug addicts into the suburbs located nearby.

The decision of the metropolitan authorities outraged the locals. The mayor of the suburbs Panten noticed that the closure of the tunnel would not prevent the movement of drug addicts, if they want to penetrate the communes, since anyone can simply get around this wall on transitions located in a hundred meters from it.

Paris’s authorities assured that this is a temporary measure intended to ensure the exported violators not occupied the tunnel. In addition, they say, at night, the police will be on duty near the wall, so as not to give drug addicts to destroy it. However, according to eyewitnesses, soon most of the police left the park, and the violators began to disperse on the neighboring streets.

previously became known that in the suburbs of the village of Buzhaninovo, the hostel of the builders migrant workers were closed after the resonant healing and murder of an elderly Muscovite. It is reported that workers were taken out on different settlements “15 minutes drive” from the previous place.

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