US found a way to overlap Russia access to Atlantic Ocean

Business Insider Observer Christopher Woodi spoke about the USD to overlap Russia access to the Atlantic Ocean. His words lead RIA Novosti.

According to the author of the article, Washington is enough to be the work of the Cebalvik airbase (Keflavik) in Iceland near Reykjavik. Woody believes that so American aircraft will be able to monitor the space between Greenland, Iceland and the British Islands, which “The Mighty Navy of Russia can use for penetration into the Atlantic Ocean.”

The article mentions that the American leadership closed the base in Iceland back in 2006, but in the past few years, NATO’s activity on this facility has increased due to Moscow military power.

At the same time, in 2016 Iceland and the United States signed an agreement on accommodation on the island of American troops. The Icelandic government agreed to provide the United States to the United States Keflavik air base (Keblanvik) so that Washington carries out any work to “strengthen the defense of Iceland and maintain safety in NATO’s territorial waters.”

In 2017, the United States was going to spend $ 214 million for the construction and modernization of airbases in Iceland, Norway and in Eastern European countries for the “consolidation of Russian aggression”.

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