Die in lawyers Gangsters killed in courtroom of boss mafia

In Delhi, two gangsters, disguised in lawyers, burst into the courtroom, where he had a hearing the case of the Boss Mafia Mafia Maana Gogi and shot him. This is reported by the NDTV TV channel.

Indian police entered a shootout by killing attackers. Several people were injured. According to the law enforcement officers, the head of the criminal group killed members of the competing gang “Tilla”.

The head of the criminal group of Jatender Maana Gogi was detained in March last year. The operation for his capture was considered great success. Gogi was in the list of the most wanted criminals by the police Delhi, and he was also accused of dozens of cases, including murder, abduction of people and fraud, in other states.

Also, the authorities report that during the war, a minimum of 25 people died between the group of Jatender and Tillo. Officials stated that he became the goal of many gangs because of his rapid growth in the world of crime.

In August, Italian Carabinians detained the chapter of the Neau-Rolling Mafia “Camorra” Champino Maria Sumchardi. In Italy, she was known under the nickname babe because of its low growth. 70-year-old woman planned to fly to Spain.

/Media reports.