Netherlands: police detained nine suspects in preparation of terrorist attack

Police in the Netherlands detained nine people who are supporters of an extremist Islamist organization, on suspicion of the preparation of the terrorist attack. This is stated in a statement on the site of the Netherlands Prosecutor’s Office.

All detainees have Netherlands citizenship. Their age varies from 18 years to 31 years. “The suspects say that they are sympathetic to the jihadist ideas of the” Islamic state “[IH, prohibited in the Russian Federation],” said the prosecutor’s office. It also became known that one of the detainees was Afghan on the origin.

What object was planning to attack potential terrorists Police did not report. However, the prosecutor’s office was told that employees spent searches in several homes. As a result, law enforcement officers seized a large number of media with data, but there was no weapon.

previously became known that two Afghans evacuated from Kabul were detained by the American police for crimes committed on a military base in Wisconsin. One of the men tried to rape juvenile girls, the other attacked his own wife.

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