Muscovites abandoned heels

Analysts of the service for the selection and delivery of images from Freesylo stylists found out that Muscovites refused to shoes on heels. The corresponding press release entered the editor of the “” on Friday, September 24th.

Specialists analyzed the demand for office wardrobe from 2020 to 2021 among customers from Moscow from 25 to 45 years. It turned out that most often they acquire Lofer, sneakers and boots – 17, 14 and 12 percent, respectively. At the same time, the shoes on the heel prefer only 14 percent of women.

In addition, Freestylo employees note that most residents of the capital who participated in the study are chosen as a business clothing T-shirts (12.5 percent), pants (11.6 percent) or jeans (9.1 percent). In second place in popularity, Midi dresses are located – they are buying 12.1 percent of Muscovites.

“Pandemic made a trend on comfortable clothes for the office very popular. The idea of ​​how a business woman should look like, jeans with a bulk jacket and sneakers and convenient dresses come to the place of traditional strict costumes and hairpins,” the executive director of the company emphasized Anastasia Taamazyan.

In September, the ChristyClips blog shall revealed the way to walk in heels in shoes without pain. It turned out that to get rid of the problem, she sprays an anesthetic spray with a lidocaine and anesthetic of a local action. According to the American, this means is dull pain.

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