Groom ridicled on net because of his outfit at wedding

A man came to his own wedding not in the festive dress and criticized from the network users. The corresponding post appeared on the REDDIT portal.

The author with nickname @margngnaheglish published a photo on which the bride and groom posted next to a three-tiered cake with a saber in her hands. On the plated frame, the woman is captured in a lush wedding dress with open shoulders, which is decorated with lace. The perpetrator of the celebration, in turn, photographed in everyday T-shirt and shorts.

Publication became viral and scored almost five thousand views. Commentators ridicked out the appearance of the groom, having counted it unacceptable for the wedding. “Such photos make me feel sadness”, “I wonder, they think about their relationships as well as about clothes for the wedding?”, “He does not respect the beloved – it is unacceptable,” “I’m shocked – clown,” the users expressed.

Earlier in September, the mother-in-law secretly put on a wedding dress for a wedding and raised the bride. An anonymous girl told how the groom’s mother asked to buy clothes according to the colors of the ceremony. The woman returned with a suitable outfit, but soon the bride found out that she secretly acquired another image – a dress similar to the wedding.

/Media reports.