US allowed limited financial transactions with Taliban

The US Department of Finance allowed limited financial transactions with the Taliban radical movement (a terrorist organization prohibited in Russia) and the Hakkani Network Group (prohibited in the Russian Federation) to continue humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. Reports about it Reuters.

The license issued by the American Ministry of Finance allows the US government and a number of international organizations, including the UN, to conclude transactions with the Taliban, if they are aimed at meeting the needs of the Afghan population in the crisis. Another license of agencies makes it possible to carry out operations related to the export of essential goods: food, medicine, vaccines and equipment.

Director of Control of Foreign Asset Control of the Ministry of Finance Andrea Diphki stated that Washington will continue to work with financial institutions, NGOs and international structures in order to facilitate the flow of agricultural goods and the necessary resources to Afghanistan. At the same time, the sanctions against the Taliban, Network Hakkani and other terrorist groups will continue to act.

After the capture of power in Afghanistan Taliban, the International Monetary Fund and other Western organizations suspended the programs for supporting the Afghan economy, very dependent on foreign infusion. They explained their decision by the fact that they could not list the funds until the new government received international recognition. In addition, the Taliban refused to access even the national reserve of the country – the United States froze the assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan on the accounts of their banks.

/Media reports.