Hungary: began to build a factory for production of Russian vaccine “Satellite V”

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Peter Siyarthto announced that the construction of a factory for the production of the Russian vaccine from Coronavirus “Satellite V” began in the country. His words report RIA Novosti.

It is planned that the construction of the factory will be completed by the spring or autumn of next year, and by the end of 2022 it will be put into operation. According to Siyarthto, this project is “a colossal contribution to achieving a global goal to ensure the sustainability of supplies” Vaccine against COVID-19.

He also noted that the Russian drug showed itself very well during use in Hungary. “” Satellite “showed himself very well, especially if you look at the numbers of infection after vaccination, protection level,” he said. The head of the Hungarian department stressed that at the moment about 68 percent of the country’s population was completely vaccinated.

Previously, Siyarthto reported that Hungary used the entire Russian drug, as it was very popular among the population. “We vaccinated almost a million people with this vaccine,” he noted.

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