Published results of third phase of tests of MODERNA vaccine

During the double-blind randomized placebo-controlled part of the third phase of clinical studies, the MODERNA vaccine showed an effectiveness of 93.2 percent in preventing COVID-19 contamination compared to the placebo group. Efficiency in the prevention of severe COVID-19 amounted to 98.2 percent. The results of the study are published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

In the clinical trial of Coronavirus Efficacy (Cove), more than 30 thousand people were received by age for more than 18 years, who had not previously found a coronavirus infection and a significant risk of infection with it was noted. Randomized selected participants received the first doses of the vaccine in July-October 2020, the second – 23 days after the first.

After the control supervision of food quality and US drug quality approved the use of vaccine, the test protocol was changed, after which the third phase began to consist of two parts – a, during which neither the subjects nor the experimenters knew To whom the vaccine is given, and goes to this year, during which the vaccine received will be observed within two years. By the end of part A, researchers recognize, many participants of the placebo group received vaccines

As a result, among 15 180 participants in the vaccinated group were infected with coronavirus 55 people, and in the placebo group – 744. The heavy form of COVID-19 developed only in two vaccinated – compared to 106 among 15,206 participants in the placebo group. The vaccine showed an effectiveness of 90 percent and after four or more than a month after receiving the second dose. Also, the drug Moderna has shown efficiency among senior participants and people with concomitant diseases.

In a separate preprint published on MedRxiv, the researchers analyzed data on infection with coronavirus infection among those 14 thousand people who received a vaccine initially and those 11,000 participants from the Placebo Group, who vaccinated from December 2020 to April 2021. It turned out that among the second sick – as well as seriously ill civid-19 were less: 88 against 162 and six against 13, respectively.

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