Lithuania will direct Taiwan more than 200 thousand doses of vaccine from Covid-19

Lithuania decided to send more than 200 thousand doses of vaccine from Coronavirus Astrazeneca in the framework of the Assistance Program in the fight against Pandemic. This is reported on the official website of the Government of the Republic.

According to the government, the Taiwan authorities themselves sent Lithuania request to put the drug on the island. It is noted that supplying in the amount of 235.9 thousand doses will be produced until October 15.

“Global justice and solidarity in the issue of access to vaccines are crucial in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, which, unfortunately, continues to destroy the lives of people and countries around the world,” the Lithuanian Prime Minister of Ingrida Shimonite emphasized. / P>

On August 11, the Lithuanian authorities gave official consent to the opening of Taiwan’s representative office. Beijing expressed a decisive protest against such a step, recalled his ambassador from Lithuania and turned to the Lithuanian side with a request to withdraw his representative from the PRC, which Vilnius did on September 3.

In response, this in Lithuania declared its intention to develop “mutually beneficial relations with Taiwan, as many other countries of the European Union and the rest of the world do.”

Taiwan, in which about 23 million people live, is the official name of the Republic of China and considers itself independent of the PRC. Almost 15 countries of the world officially recognized as a separate independent state, and Lithuania among them are not yet.

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