USA’s plan for oil production collided with reorganization

In the OPEC negotiations + September 1, most likely, it will be decided to leave unchanged plans for moderate increasing oil production, Reuters writes with reference to three representatives of the Alliance. With rebuilding, the US authorities, who previously called for an increase in production were faced.

In Washington, we consider the rise in price of fuel as a threat to restoring the global economy. However, sources in OPEC + stated that the recent increase in oil prices was temporary. It provoked interruptions in Mexico and a strong storm, which collapsed on the coast of the Gulf of Mexican in the United States.

“The current oil prices about 70 dollars are normal. OPEC + is likely to continue to increase [prey] for 400 thousand barrels per day, as planned,” said one of the interlocutors of the agency. At the same time, as the Minister of Oil Minister Kuwait Muhammed Al-Fares stated on August 29, at a meeting on September 1, the participants in the production reduction transaction can and reconsider its current conditions, stopping production extension.

with calls to increase oil production in Washington performed in mid-August. The initiative explained the need to reduce prices for consumers: the current reduction in the cost of oil has not yet led to a decrease in gasoline price. Agreements on the increase in production of 400 thousand barrels per day of OPEC + reached in July.

/Media reports.