British scientists have discovered a change in symptoms of Covid-19 with time

Scientists as part of the study funded by the UK Ministry of Health, found that the symptoms of coronavirus change over time. The work is published on the website, reports TASS.

In the course of the study, experts studied the results of 27.7 thousand people infected from April 26, 2020 until August 7, 2021. Any symptoms manifested in 48 percent cases. In the comparison group there were 457 thousand people who passed a total of 3.8 million negative tests for coronavirus. They have symptoms manifested in 3 percent of cases. Scientists noted that during the time of the symptoms of COVID-19 with positive tests, reflecting the predominance of a particular variant of the virus, vaccination and random changes.

So, at the beginning of the epidemic, most of the sicks complained to high temperature, long cough, loss or changing smell or taste. When, in January of this year, the “Alpha” -variant began to prevail in the country, patients mainly pointed to the loss of smell and taste. After the start of the prevalence of the delta in May 2021, the main symptoms of steel headache and temperature.

researchers came to the conclusion that despite the severity of some symptoms in relation to each of the strains, the demographic group or the status of vaccination, the difference between the symptoms is small. Experts added that even the first dose of vaccinations from coronavirus strongly reduces the likelihood of symptoms.

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