WHO announced introduction of almost five billion doses of vaccine from Covid-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) updated mortality data from coronavirus, and also called the number of COVID-19 in the world, the data appeared on the official website of the international organization.

During the pandemic, the virus has become infected with 214,468,601 people. From this number of ills killed almost 4.4 million, 4 470,969 people.

“As of August 24, 2021, almost five billion were introduced, 4,953,887,422 doses of the vaccine,” the WHO website reported. At the moment, the population of the Earth is 7,915,63,363 people. Doctors believe that for the emergence of sustainable collective immunity to coronavirus, at least 65 percent of people should be vaccinated.

On August 18, the main scientific officer of WHO Sumy Svaminatan stated that vaccination helps prevent a serious flow or death in the infection of the “Delta” -SEMM COVID-19. In WHO, it was noted that in the regions with a high percentage of infection, the Indian strain suffers more of the part of the population that did not have time to be vaccinated.

August 25 became known that the coronavirus will become an endemic disease for India. According to the representative of the organization, the country entered the stage of “endemicity” when the transmission of the disease has become characteristic only for certain regions.

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