Sber will credit presidential payments for military pensioners and give discounts

Sber began enrolling the state payout in the amount of 10 thousand rubles to recipients of military pensions in accordance with the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Payments will be credited during September. About this “Lent.Ru” reported in the press service of the Sberbank.

In addition to the state support measures, Sber has prepared for recipients payments and discounts for services and services from ecosystem companies. All customers of the Sberbank, who received payments from the state, are waiting for additional gifts.

Within 10 days after crediting funds, they will receive: a subscription “Sberprime” for 3 months per 1 ruble (after the end of the grace period, the cost of using a subscription will be 199 rubles per month). In addition, promotional productions will be provided for 1 thousand rubles for purchases in the service delivery of products and essential goods “SberMarket” and 1 thousand rubles in the “SberMegarket” marketer. With their help, you can pay up to 35 percent of the order value on the SberMart and up to 50 percent – on the “SberMegarket”.

Sber will also provide a promotion for 250 rubles to the “Sber of Eptek” when buying in the amount of 1 thousand rubles. Thus, the Sber increases social payments to recipients of military pensions by more than 20 percent.

On September 2, 2021, the Sberban provided an enrollment of 10 thousand rubles to clients receiving payments on the Pension Fund of Russia, adding gifts and discounts for services and services from companies from their ecosystem.

“Sberprime” – a single subscription to a range of services and services, including music, online cinema, taxis, food delivery, mobile communications. The range of goods in the “Sbermake” and “SberMegarkete” is huge – food, clothing, appliances and any other products in different categories. “Sber of Eptek” – a convenient online store of medicines and a specialized reference system of automated search for rare and common drugs online.

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