Mainers began selling hard drives due to collapse of new cryptocurrency

Mainers began selling hard drives due to the collapse of the new CHIA cryptocurrency, for which data drives are required. This is reported by VNExpress.

Tocken, which appeared in the spring of 2021, caused an excitement at the start – the peak value of the coin was 1685 dollars (123,000 rubles at the current course). However, quotes quickly began to decline and by September for CHIA were given $ 220.

In the idea of ​​the creators of the tokens, the maximum cryptocurrency is needed using drives. Hard disks with a large resource were better adapted for this. The decline was especially affected by Mainers of Southeast Asia, where the coin was popular.

September 6 began it to be known that the cost of the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – jumped to record values ​​over the past few months. According to Coinmarketcap, by the morning of Monday, September 6, the price of Bitcoin was 51.63 thousand dollars for a coin – a maximum of May 2021.

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