A way to deter cancer metastases

Researchers from the United States have shown that therapy with the help of manufactured virus nanoparticles mosaic cow peas can restrain the spread of metastatic cancer in the lungs. Offering a new way the article of researchers is published in Advanced Science magazine.

To start, scientists from the University of California in San Diego were raised in the laboratory a cow pea and infected with its virus. They attached molecules to collected ferro-shaped particles of the latter, the purpose of which was S100A9 – protein, whose increased expression is associated with the development of tumors. The virus is not infected, but at the same time recognized as a foreign body by the immune system. The produced antibodies suppress the expression of the protein and the accumulation of producing myeloid suppressor cells producing it.

Experts studied the effectiveness of the drug both in preventing the development of tumors and in its containment. In the first case, after the introduction of nanoparticles, healthy mice also injected cells three times of negative breast cancer or melanoma. In those mice that prepared the drug, cancer spread much less frequently compared to the control group. In the second case, the nanoparticles were injected with mice, which had already found metastasis in the lungs. Such rodents have less tumors, and life – longer. Researchers emphasize that the drug was effective in the fight against particularly aggressive Cancer cell lines.

Earlier it was reported that scientists from the University of Illinois in Urbane-Champane have developed an ERSO preparation, which quickly reduces not only the primary cancer tumors to an undetectable level, but also successfully fights metastasis. The new method of treatment of breast cancer kills from 95 to one hundred percent of tumor cells in model mice, almost completely defeating the disease in rodents.

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