Gay Games in Hong Kong moved due to Pandemic COVID-19

International sports gay games in Hong Kong moved to 2023 due to the current travel restrictions under the COVID-19 pandemic. This is reported by South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The founder of Dennis Philips (Dennis Philipse) told the publication that the transfer was not associated with the recent criticism of the games from a number of politicians. He noted that the event of a similar format cannot be carried out in compliance with epidemiological limitations. “We cannot comply with quarantine rules, we cannot be in a bubble. We will return when quarantine measures will stop acting,” the organizer emphasized.

Philips noted that the Organizing Committee does not want to deprive the participants of the admission to the Gay Games due to the lack of vaccination from coronavirus or lack of time to prepare. He also recalled that competitions should bring a significant economic profit to Hong Kong, and called not to politicize them.

On the conduct of gay games in Hong Kong in the 2022th it became known in 2017. For the right to accept competitions, 17 cities fought, including Mexican Guadalajara and American Washington. The winner determined the vote that was held by the Gay Games Federation.

Gay Games – International Sports Competitions, similar to the Traditional Olympics, which are held since 1982. They can participate athletes of any sexual orientation. One of the goals of gay games is to draw attention to the discrimination of representatives of the LGBT community.

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