Mechanism of development of deadly type of eye cancer is found out

Researchers from the United States found out that the progression of an involuntary melanoma – a deadly type of eye cancer is associated with the loss of an inhibitory complex 1 (PRC1), a group of proteins that regulate the expression of genes. The article of researchers was published in the journal Nature Communications.

The most common ways of treatment of an inventive melanoma forming in tissues are surgical intervention and radiotherapy. However, more than half of the patients with it in the liver are formed metastases – which is usually mortally. The scientists did not have explanations.

Researchers from Cornell, California and Stanford Universities with the help of genetic, epigenetic and structural-functional analyzes at the cellular level, found out that an immune melanoma is developing due to the loss of PRC1. This leads to deviations in the expression of genes and errors in the splitting of chromosome during mitosis. The inflammatory process caused by them makes a tumor more aggressive. According to the researchers who described the mechanism for the development of the deadly type of eye cancer, their discovery will help in the development of ways of early therapeutic intervention to prevent metastases of inhaul melanoma.

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