US: warned to help “Taliban” of countries about consequences

countries that will help the “Taliban” radical movement (a terrorist organization prohibited in Russia) ignore the obligations to Washington and its partners may face certain consequences, the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said. His words leads TASS.

In this way, he answered the question of whether Washington had a strategy to “counter the hostile influence of opponents in the region” after the departure of American troops from Afghanistan. The head of the State Department recalled that the American side together with partners had developed a number of conditions that the militants should perform in order to achieve a normal attitude towards themselves by the world community. “If the expectations are not afraid of life, and other countries will help and indulge the Taliban to ensure that this expectations will also have consequences,” he warned.

Blinken also stressed that, deciding on the withdrawal of troops, the authorities took into account what the influence of the region, as well as various countries in Afghanistan, was taken into account, as well as various countries in Afghanistan.

Berennially called the conditions for mitigating sanctions against the Taliban. According to him, Washington does not see the prospects for mitigating sanctions against the Taliban, if they violate the last resolution of UN Security Council, limiting the freedom of movement of residents of Afghanistan.

May 1 began the official conclusion of US troops and the North Atlantic Alliance countries from the Afghan territories. After that, the situation in the country was aggravated, the forces of the Taliban were activated. On August 15, the militants announced the establishment of control throughout Afghanistan, and on September 7, the composition of the Provisional Government was announced. The conclusion of the US troops ended on August 31.

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