90 years since creation of a group of study of reactive movement

90 years ago, September 15, 1931, in the city of Moscow under the aircraft Bureau of the Military Technical Section of the Scientific Research Division of the Central Council of the Union of Osoaviakhima of the USSR, a group of study of the reactive movement was established (Gings), headed by the chairman Friedrich Arturovich Zander.

According to the Russian State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation, the first stage on this path to the development of outer space was the activities of a group of studying the reactive movement – a research and research and development organization engaged in the development of missiles and engines to them, which laid the beginning of rocket education . Rockets created by the Gird, formed the basis of the creation of rocket and space technology.

The initiator of the creation of the mine, its founder in 1931 was Friedrich Zander – a scientist, an inventor, one of the creators of the first Soviet missile on the Gird-X liquid fuel. Girders are pioneers of rocket technology, the efforts of which the theoretical and practical foundations of the reactive flight were developed, the first Soviet missiles and jet engines were created.

The practical work of Friedrich Zander on rocket education was the reason for the creation of the Gird and served as a scientific and technical basis for the further development of research and development in this area. Friedrich Zadder suggested several ideas: the creation of an internal combustion engine operating not only on gasoline, but also on liquid oxygen, planning descent when returning the device to land, launching a rocket with a large airplane or satellite, thermal protection of the machine when driving in dense layers of the atmosphere.

Sergey Korolev considered Friedrich Zander to his mentor and teacher. In his book, “Rocket Flight in the Stratosphere” he wrote: “The nearest follower of ideas of K.E. Tsiolkovsky and a hot supporter and a rocket enthusiast was a highly balanced engineer-inventor F.A. Zander (1887-1933) due to his work for the last The prototypes of the first Soviet missile engines were created. F.A. Zander died in 1933, but managed to create a friendly team of workers, his students and followers. “

The main activities of the guards were:

  • Research, design and design and experimental work on the creation and testing of prototypes of jet engines of different types and rocket aircraft;
  • Scientific and technical propaganda in the field of rocket technology and participation in the training of specialists for her ;
  • Training of personnel of missile equipment;
  • Guide and coordination of the activities of peripheral organizations involved in the development of problems of rocket technology within the framework of local organizations Osoaviahim.

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