WHO stated vaccine passports to discrimination and still promised to introduce them

Requirements to make documents on vaccination as one of the conditions for travel – this is discrimination, however such actions may be necessary, considers the general director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedrose by Adan Gebresus. This statement sounded during the organization’s briefing, the broadcast was carried out in twitter .

Inequality arises due to lack of vaccines in some countries. “It’s how to give a life jacket of the one who is already there. And how not to give someone who remained without a vest,” the organization’s general director noted.

Greesusus promised that mandatory vaccination passports will be introduced after vaccines become available to the world.

In the middle of August, the representative of WHO Fada Shais said that the organization does not stand for mandatory vaccination, but this is one of the best tools to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. In WHO, it is believed that the best result will be able to achieve when people are vaccinated, which are included in priority groups, as well as when they receive reliable information, on the basis of which the choice may be made regarding vaccination.

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