US presented Tajikistan a large batch of Pfizer vaccine

The US government ordered to highlight Tajikistan more than 300 thousand doses of vaccine from Coronavirus Pfizer and eight special freezers for its injury. This is reported by the “Asia Plus” portal with reference to the American ambassador in Dushanbe John Pommershaim.

According to the diplomat, the first batch of the drug at 115 thousand doses has already arrived in the republic and is preparing to be sent to medical institutions, the second large supply is expected this week. The total volume of the vaccine will be 325 thousand doses. “Working together, we can stop this fatal disaster and restore our economy. We will continue to help the people of Tajikistan to defeat this virus,” said Smemeshim.

He noted that Washington’s gift became an addition to 1.5 million doses of Moderna and transferred to Dushanbe as part of the COVAX 460 thousand doses of Astrazeneca. “This additional vaccine supply will save even more lives. I am proud that I cooperate with the Government of Tajikistan, in the field of fighting a pandemic,” said Ambassador.

In July, in Tajikistan introduced a mandatory vaccination against the COVID-19 virus for the entire adult population over 18 years of age. You can vaccinate free Astrazeneca Anglo-Swedish vaccine, the Chinese Coronavac preparation and the MODERNA American vaccine. The vaccination by Russian vaccines did only on a commercial basis.

In August, Russia sent the Republic of 50 thousand doses of the domestic vaccine from Coronavirus Satellite V “as humanitarian aid. At the same time, the conditions of immunization to the Russian drug in the republic were not yet announced. According to official data, 17 thousand people became coronavirus in Tajikistan, no more than 130 patients became victims of infection.

/Media reports.