Inhabitants of three cities in Germany introduced an overdue vaccine

The inhabitants of the three cities in the Baden-Württemberg region in Germany introduced a vaccine from the coronavirus of the American company ModernA with an expired shelf life. This is reported by the Bild newspaper.

We are talking about the cities of Sindelfingen, Roitlingen and Esslingen. In total, the preparation received 840 people. According to the publication, the reason for the use of an overdue vaccine has become the incorrect labeling of the drug. In particular, a longer shelf life was indicated on the package than the sanitary standards require. At the same time, it is noted that the drug was stored in the refrigerator.

According to the representative of the district vaccination center in Sindelfingen Martin Burkhert-Grarew, there are no data to this point, indicating that longer storage would affect the effectiveness of the drug. According to the MODERNA manufacturer, the vaccine can be stored in the refrigerator for three months. However, in accordance with the requirement of the European Medicine Agency, the shelf life should not exceed 30 days.

Earlier it was reported that in Japan found a batch of a coronavirus vaccine from ModernA with impurities in which there were stainless steel particles.

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