Racists desecrated statue of black slave in France

The statue of the black slave in the city of Bordeaux in France was subjected to a racist attack – unknowns poured her white paint. About this reports “BBC” with reference to local authorities.

Monument depicts a native of Africa Modest Doughs, which a family from Bordeaux bought in the XVIII century. Subsequently, a woman was sent to the Caribbean Island of Espanyol to work on sugar plantation. Later it was transferred to the United States, where after the death of her French owners, the tests were freed from slavery.

City Hall of the city stated that she serves a lawsuit on the initiation of a criminal case on the fact of decommissioning statues on racist motifs. The authorities noted that the attackers brutally attacked all the values ​​that personifies the monument.

July 14 reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to ban racists to go to football matches. “If you are guilty of racial insults to the football players made online, you do not go to the match. No exceptions,” the politician stressed.

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