Puppy mask inflicted cryptocurrency course

The new puppy of the founder and the head of Tesla Ilona Mask of the Japanese breed of Siba-Inu involuntarily inflicted the course of the MEM-TOKEN SHIBA FLOKI, in honor of which was named, provoking his sharp growth. It happened after Publications in Twitter Mask, in which the entrepreneur reported buying a dog and accompanied the message of its photo.

“Flocks [puppy nickname] arrived,” wrote a mask. At the time of writing the Tocken material, Shiba Floki went up by 934 percent compared to the level of closing the previous trading session, the COingEcko portal data is evidenced. The cost of one tokeny was 0.000000005964 dollars.

In turn, the other prototype cryptocurrency Floki Inu has risen in price by 85.7 percent – up to 0.00003452 dollars. At the peak, his cost growth reached 139 percent.

On the intention to buy a puppy of the Siba-Inan breed and call his flocks in honor of the Mam-Toquena Mask told in March, and then reminded in June. At the beginning of the year, he has already provoked a sharp rise in the value of the MEM-Tocken DOGECOIN, which appeared in 2013 and named after the fictional dog of Siba-Inu.

Typoxes are usually called either cryptocurrency analogs of shares manufactured by companies to attract funding, or the prototype of future cryptocurrency. However, meme-tokens do not have any value that could advocate them, and most of them will not become a full-fledged cryptocurrent. However, some of them are used as a tool for speculating transactions due to changeable cost, which is achieved including the actions and statements of the mask.

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