Rapper lied tens of gold chains instead of hair

Mexican Rapper Dan Sur (Dan Sur) gave a tens of gold chains in the skin instead of hair and shared experiences. The corresponding material publishes New York POST.

According to the publication, the 23-year-old performer decided to become “the first rapper in the history of mankind, which will be the owner of the hairstyle consisting of gold chains.” A young man inserted a large number of hooks on which jewelry are attached.

At the moment, dozens of gold chains of different thicknesses are installed in the head of the Sura, many of which are inlaid by diamonds. “Now many paint their hair. The truth is that I wanted to do something special. I hope that people will not start copying me,” he commented.

In February, another rapper implanted a gemstone in the forehead. 26-year-old American artist LIL UZI VERT (real name – Sairm Woods) set a pink diamond weighing ten carat worth $ 24 million (about two billion rubles). Woods argued that the diamond is more expensive than all his property, including real estate and cars.

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