14 people became victims of severe rainfall in Pakistan

Strong rains that have passed in the northwestern province of Pakistan Hyber-Pakhtunwa, led to the collapse of houses and death 14 people. It became known from the broadcast of the GEO TV channel.

the dead lived in the Torgart area and in the city of Abbottabad. Most victims are women and children. Shni go from September 11th. Because of them, in the province of Hyber-Pakhtunwa, there are many landslides and floods that violate traffic information between settlements in remote areas.

To eliminate the effects of the disaster of Pakistan, Pakistani sent to the affected areas of rescuers and engineering equipment.

On September 8, the flood in the Mexican state of Hidalgo led to the death of 17 patients in one of the local hospitals. More than 30 thousand people suffered around the region. The army was attracted to rescue and repair work.

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