Finlants: vaccine from Covid-19 tested on infants

Finnish University Tampere tested a vaccine from coronavirus on babies aged 6 months. It is reported by Finnish TV channel YLE.

Researchers tested the Comirnaty vaccine developed by Biontech and Pfizer. It is reported that groups of two years and older are already formed, and now scientists are looking for babies aged 6 months before a year. You need to dial 1250 subjects.

“To participate in the study, healthy children under 12 years old who have no immunity of the disease, multisylene inflammation syndrome in children and adolescents (MIS-C) or allergic reaction to vaccines,” the TV channel notes.

Children will receive an injection either vaccine or placebo. The researchers will then observe the body’s response: whether the temperature will rise, whether redness will appear on the injection site. It is noted that since the babies cannot tell themselves about side effects, especially close attention will be paid to their irritability, crying or no appetite. In addition, after a while, they will hold tests on the level of antibodies in the body.

According to the director of the Institute of Mika Ruzyte, the infants under the age of six months remain the immunity, obtained through the placenta in the mother’s womb, so the vaccination is not required. In total, the study will be held in four countries, including in Spain, USA and Poland.

If the vaccine shows the effectiveness on children, with minor side effects, their vaccination may begin at the beginning of next year.

At the end of August, the head of the Ministry of Health, Mikhail Murashko, noted that the incidence of coronavirus among children rose in Russia. According to him, it began to occur due to aggressiveness and increased speed of propagation of the new version of the coronavirus.

/Media reports.