US: predicted outcome of war between Russia and France

France will not be able to withstand Russia in the case of a long military conflict. This is stated in the report of the American Analytical Center Rand, reports Forbes.

According to the document, France has a powerful army equipped with modern combat equipment. It has the newest aircraft prepared by special forces and nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, the French army is unreliable, since it does not have human reserves and intersections of ammunition for a long war with Russia, the authors of the study are celebrated. The report emphasizes that Moscow is a strong opponent, whom France will not be able to defeat without help from the United States.

Previously, an ex-assistant US Secretary of State on European and Eurasian Affairs Aaron Mitchell said that in a possible war with Russia and China, the United States has little chance of victory. “In essence, America will be forced to fight with armies who use the resources of Half Eurasia. Such a war overvolt the forces of the American army, and maybe even completely exhaust them,” the political analyst estimated the chances of winning the USA.

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