Main business counsel in Russia warned about loss of a market economy

Commissioner for the protection of business rights under the President of Russia Boris Titov during the speech at the Stolypin Forum in MGIMO warned that the country loses the market economy. The report on the event is at the disposal of “”.

According to him, between reforms and stability, the government chooses the latter due to fewer risks, and such a choice leads to a slowdown in development. If the entrepreneurial community, which opposes such a position, will not enlist the support of a significant part of society, the trend will not change.

Titov recalled that the next increase in key rate by the Central Bank occurred against the background of the continuation of the US and European monetary policy. At the same time, inflation in Russia is growing, despite all the measures taken by the regulator.

“because our inflation is not the inflation of demand with which they are offered to fight. It is caused by the growth of costs. And they are fighting just with the phantom,” the titles emphasized.

Earlier today, the head of the Central Bank of Elvira Nabiullina warned that in connection with the increase in prices in the nearest meetings, the Board of Directors of the Central Bank may decide on the further enhancement of the key rate. In her opinion, to return to the target inflation parameters of 4 percent (it reached 6.7 percent in August), the monetary policy should not yet tighten.

in the same positions as Titov, there is a Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska. He repeatedly indicated that raising the rate undermines the foundations for the growth of the national economy and deprives citizens of hope for income growth. According to him, if the policy is not to revise, then you can say goodbye to the hopes for increasing the incomes of the population and the modernization of the industry.

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