Ex-chapter of Ministry of Health of France will be judged due to Covid-19 pandemic

Former Minister of Health of France Agnes Buzin fell under the investigation due to a coronavirus pandemic, after the grounds were found for its prosecution. This is reported by TV channel France 24.

The Prosecutor of the Republican Court said that the former head of the Ministry of Health is under the investigation of the “Creating a Threat of Life of People”, but not for the second possible crime “Inability to stop a catastrophe”.

Buzin was present at the hearing and stated that it was a great opportunity for her to explain and establish the truth. She added that it would not allow to discredit the actions of the government or its own during the preparation of France to the global health crisis, which continues until now.

This event has become one of the first cases in the world when the leading state official was attracted to legal responsibility for combating COVID-19 pandemic.

Buzin, Minister of Health since May 2017 to February 2020, was forced to resign in February 2020, a few weeks after confirming the first cases of coronavirus in France. The ex-head of the department declared that the risk of supplying infection from China is practically absent, as well as the likelihood of widespread among the population.

Earlier it was reported that in France introduced “sanitary skipping” to enter museums and cinemas. Such a pass confirms that the owner has been vaccinated, has a negative test result for coronavirus or recently suffered a disease.

In early August, several manifestations with skirmishers with law enforcement officers took place in Paris. The police sprayed pepper gas during a protest action against the introduction of sanitary passes. Protesters accused President of France Emmanuel Macgron in the “abuse of power” and “state coup” due to antique measures.

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