Sberbed provided affordable and convenient digital health management services

Modern medical technologies and development make it possible to increase the availability of medicine, accelerate the introduction of modern diagnostic and treatment methods, improve the quality of health care at each stage: prevention, monitoring, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and care. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Olga Golodets, speaking on the 4th Forum of Social Innovations of the Regions in the session “Innovations in the Health Service”. In his speech, Olga Golodetts told about modern digital technologies and decisions that were developed by the Sberbal Ecosystem companies and are now used in medical institutions and are used by residents of the country.

According to Olga Hungts, telemedicine is convenient because the patient can save his time and talk to a doctor from home or any other convenient place where there is an Internet, while avoiding contacts with sick in hospitals. In 2020, the number of consultations with telemedicine’s doctors increased five times on the platform of telemedicine, and continues to grow in 2021. Currently, Savivalztorovier service is spent more than 60 thousand online consultations per month. In addition, this platform provides remote monitoring of COVID-19 and chronic noncommunicable diseases of more than 50 thousand patients in 38 regions of Russia. Remote monitoring of chronic patients reduces up to 30 percent mortality from myocardial infarction and acute brainwriting disorders (ONMK).

Due to the introduction of telemedicine, it is possible to reduce the number of hospitalizations by 45 percent, and surgical complications – by 50 percent, noted the deputy head of the Sber. The introduction of predictive analysis to determine the need for surgical intervention makes it possible to reduce waiting lists by 10-15 percent, as well as increase patient satisfaction from using online consultations as part of an integrated treatment approach.

Sberbank of the Eatke Ecosystem Services translates the drug to the new level, significantly increases the range and availability of drugs, considers Olga Hungts. Thanks to the opening of hubs in many cities of the country, residents have quick access to the widest name of goods, and direct deliveries from Moscow provide a capital range, including rare drugs and new pharmaceutical market.

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