In Japan, they revealed composition of found impurities in Moderna vaccine

In the Vaccine Party against Coronavirus from Moderna with impurities found in Japan, found stainless steel particles. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the Japanese Ministry of Health.

In the Ministry of Health, the composition of impurities after careful testing of the drug was revealed. Presumably, the particles fell into a vaccine from the production equipment.

Representatives of the Vaccine distributor Takeda Pharmaceutica said that stainless steel does not provide additional risk to human health. The company noted that this material is commonly used in heart valves, joint endoprosthesis, metal seams and brackets.

August 29 reported that in another japan vaccine batch against COVID-19 production of the American company ModernA found foreign impurities. Vaccine from this party was introduced about 400 Japanese. Prior to that, the death of two people after vaccination with impurities was reported. Men died at the age of 30, a few days before death, they received the second dose of vaccine from coronavirus.

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