Father shot children from fear of turning them into monsters

Police of the American state of California detained a 40-year-old father of the family suspected of killing two of their children. It is reported by CNN TV channel.

Matthew Taylor Coleman, a 40-year-old surf teacher from Santa Barbara, was detained on suspicion of the murder of a two-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter. “Since my wife’s genes mutated, the children were about to become monsters,” the man explained his act. He said that she took the children to the territory of Mexico, shot them out of a rifle for underwater hunting, and then hid the body. In the near future, he must appear before the court.

About the disappearance of men and children law enforcement agencies California learned from Coleman’s wife. She was concerned that her husband did not answer calls. Police found that he crossed the border of Mexico. Information about him and children were transferred to Mexican colleagues, which found the bodies of minors. The criminal was detained at the entrance to the territory of the United States.

It is known that the man was fond of the theories of the conspiracy. “I knew it was wrong, but it was the only way to save our world,” said Coleman.

California’s police beats alarm about the growing aggressiveness of conspiracy theories. Particularly danger represent the followers of Kew Anona (Qanon) – theories according to which the United States manages the clique of Satanists-pedophiles.

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