Spaniard killed his Russian cohabitant and tried to burn corpse

In the village of Rincon de la Victoria in the Spanish province of Malaga, a man killed his cohabitant Russian woman and tried to burn the corpse. About it reports El Mundo.

Police came to call a killer neighbor, who saw the attacker pushes the female body into the trunk of his car. Reaching his house, the outfit discovered blood drops in the garage. Later, employees found not far from the highway of a woman’s corpse with strong burns.

When the Spaniard returned home, he was waiting for a police ambush. In the front seat of the killer murderers, law enforcement officers discovered a soldering lamp that a man allegedly wanted to burn the body of the cohabitant. The cause and method of killing the police did not disclose.

the deceased Russian woman was 36 years old, she lived with a 53-year-old man and had citizenship of Spain. In El Mundo, noted that from early 2021 in Spain, 28 women were killed by their former or current partners.

In March, it became known that Briton Thomas McCann killed his wife Ivonna during a quarrel. The swing began due to the fact that the woman dismissed his chips stored in the freezer. Thomas strangled Ivonna, dismembered her body, laid it down on the packages and put it near the trash can. The corpse found the neighbors of McCannan, strolling with the dog.

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