Defined effectiveness of vaccines in fight against Covid-19

Scientists of the Imperial College of London and the Specialists of the Ipsos Mori Market Specialists have determined that completely vaccinated people in England are rapidly raised by coronavirus than not vaccinated. This is reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

Analysis of 98 233 smears taken from June 24 to July 12 showed that one of 160 people was infected with SARS-COV-2. For unvaccified people, the prevalence rate amounted to 1.21 percent, and for the total vaccination – 0.4 percent. The probability of transmitting the virus to other people in patients who received both doses of the vaccine can also be lower than that of non-vaccinated.

Although the results of the study confirm that vaccines provide good protection against the virus, scientists and health officials of Great Britain warn that no vaccine is effective in the fight against the pathogen one hundred percent. Infections among the fully vaccinated are not as rare, as previously thought, and even the vaccinated virus carriers may be contagious.

Earlier, the head of federal centers for the control and prevention of diseases of the US Diseases Rochelle Valenski stated that scientists received new data proving that vaccinated people could be carriers of Delta-option coronavirus. A large amount of virus may be present in the nasopherler of people, which indicates the need to continue to wear masks.

/Media reports.