Rape and killing a nine-year-old girl caused protests in India

Hundreds of people entered the protests in the capital of India because of cruel rape, murder and forced cremation of a nine-year-old girl. About this reports “BBC”.

The police accused the crime of four men, one of which turned out to be a Hindu priest. The mother of the girl sent her to the crematorium for drinking water, where attackers attacked her and attacked her. Subsequently, the bloody body of the child was found on Earth, there were bruises and abrasions on it, and clothes were wet.

According to a woman, the criminals asked her to not be called the police to avoid holding the opening, which would prove their guilt. At first they offered her bribe, and after they began to threaten. Despite the objections of the mother, the criminals burned the remains of the victim. However, the police still opened a criminal case against them, based on the testimony of the victim’s parents.

Protesters demand to bring those responsible to justice and achieve justice to “daughter of India.” They appealed to the authorities to solve the security problem in the country and take the necessary measures to protect the female part of the population.

India is considered one of the most unsafe countries for women. There are registered several dozen cases of violence every day, many of which end with the death of the victim. On June 30, the Security Services of the Indian State Security Service of Andhra Pradesh found a suitcase with a charred body of a 27-year-old woman. Police declared her husband deceased main suspect in the case. It is assumed that he killed a woman, burned her body and hid the remains in the suitcase.

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