Frightened investors began to study collections of SI JIBINPIN speeches

Traders and financiers scared by the latest restrictive actions of the Chinese authorities against private companies began to study the collections of speeches by the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Jinping to understand which industry suffers next. Employees of several Chinese financial firms told Bloomberg on anonymity conditions.

Investors note that the meaning of the party speech is not always understood completely, but some points are clearly clear. So, it turned out that earlier Si Jinping condemned obscene content on the Internet, inequality in education and speculation in the real estate market near school districts. At the same time, many performances of the Community Secretary General are classified and intended only for party elite.

In June, market participants did not pay attention to the criticism of the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China to the teachers who were trained in public schools for private teaching. Investors understood their mistake after at the end of July in China banned private tutoring on major school subjects, and educational companies were not allowed to enter the exchange and attract foreign investments. Shares of one of the largest representatives in this area of ​​New Oriental Education fell at once at 47 percent.

In early August, the Shares of the Chinese manufacturer of video games Tencent fell more than 10 percent after the Economic Information Daily State Newspaper compared online games with the “spiritual opium”. The company immediately responded, promising to limit the minors while staying behind the games and reduce the spending of gamers. Since February of the current year, the shares of Chinese technology companies have fallen in price a total of a trillion dollars due to tightening legislation within the country.

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