Dozens people died as a result of militant attacks on Nigerian villages

The militants of an unknown armed group committed a deadly attack with dozens of killed four villages in the Nigerian state of Kadun. About it reports Daily Post Nigeria.

During the plaque, the bandits killed 68 people, burned 63 at home and destroyed 68 hectares of agricultural land. Governor of the state of Kaduna Mallam Nasir Erufay expressed condolences to the families of the victims and wished the victim’s speedy recovery. He also instructed a detailed assessment of damage.

In Nigeria, a severe situation with the safety of local residents remains. Earlier, the militants demanded a redemption for 80 children abducted from the boarding school of the state of Kadun. They stated that they would let go if they would pay 194 thousand dollars. Before that, the bandits were released by 28 hostages.

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